Thursday, April 26, 2018


The tour start 1 pm

A practical tour for people who have an interest in religion and it's development over time. During 24 hours you can immerse yourself in the schamanism and find out how it was applied locally. When was the drum used, and for what? What was the sacrifices and what was the point of them? We also talk about how things are today, and how we live through nature to achieve health and inspiration. Find the path to your own continued spiritual journey.

Price per person: 1500 SEK

Dinner, light evening meal, breakfast basket and coffe at appropriate interrvals are included in the price, lunch on arrival or before departure can be booked separately.. You sleep in the cot on reindeer skins by the open fire, we provide the sleeping bag. Woodfired sauna available.



 Contact lotta 0046 70 642 31 66

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