Friday, November 24, 2017

 We are Sami and live with the reindeers

Open 15 june - 14 aug  guided tour every day 11, 13 , 15


We want to strengthen the belief in the Sami community and safeguard the quiet virgin nature by creating respect and understanding of our nature. 

We exist on the municipal lines of four  towns in Swedish Lapland, Arjeplog, Arvidsjaur, Sorsele and Malå. With us you may learn about Sami practices and customs and get to know all about the practical importance of reindeers. If you want to, you can just relax, look at the reindeers and the beautiful nature and listen to the bell on the lead reindeer.

Try culinary delicacies in the cot, sitting on reindeer skins around the warm, crackling fire. Drink coffee cooked over the open fire and have some dried reindeer meat while listening to Sami songs.  Sleeping in the cot with the smoke winding it's way out through th roof can make anyone forget the ouside world.


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