Thursday, April 26, 2018

 Berries and herbs

In the morning we fix the food and everything else we need for a day in the forest.

During the day we pick berries and talk about medicinal herbs. Parts of almost every berry plant have been used for potions of different kinds. We pick some herbs to prepare when we come back.

When the time is right we eat and rest for a while. The rest of the day  will go on at your leisure. If there are lots of berries, we might pick them for the rest of the day. If not, we might get under a big dense spruce, make a fire and just enjoy a day in the forest.

The berry picking tour  can be booked from when the (cloud)berries are ripe until August 15.

Price: 690 SEK/pers


 Contact lotta 0046 70 642 31 66

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